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At Veloce Driving our aim is to help you explore your love of driving with our events, coaching programs and tours. 

We would love to share our passion for driving with you. We work hard to create ways for you to enjoy your driving, while helping you to learn, develop and grow as a driver

Veloce Car Club is now live!

Driving, cars and racing are our passion and the cornerstones of our business. We wanted to create a members club that helps people to enjoy their cars in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while giving an opportunity to get to know us at Veloce, as well as a taste of what we do.

We will have a WhatsApp & Social Media Group forum, where members can meet to talk all things cars, driving and more. As well as opportunities to join us on regular coffee meets and early morning driving runs, alongside other members only events throughout the year. 


Founded on a passion for driving and coaching , Veloce driving was founded by two racing drivers – Kat Impey and Richard Bott. With over 50 years combined experience in the motor sport world as racing drivers and coaches, they have also studied and coach advanced road driving, extensively. They bring a lifetime of experience, knowledge and know how to their work as well as an absolute passion for driving.


Be Safer
Sports, GT and Supercars
British and European Circuits
Lunch and Refreshments Included


Road and Track Driving
Vehicle Dynamics
Learn Road Craft
Gain Skill & Experience


Fabulous Lunches
Driver Development
Coaching and Guidance
Inspiring Roads


Track Driving School
Advanced Car Control
Creating and Holding Oversteer
Transition From Corner to Corner


Veloce is unique in having both a strong female figurehead who is an established name in the racing and driver coaching arenas. There is also a thread of high performance driver coaching that runs through everything we do alongside our relentless pursuit for luxury.
At Veloce Driving we are keen to encourage not just the guys, but to invite more women to get involved in performance driving. As a professional racing driver, Kat knows how hard it can be to gain a foothold in a traditionally male-dominated field like motor sport – and how daunting it can be for some who want to take their first tentative steps in performance driving.
Veloce aims to bring a different approach to the driving tour market that embraces the needs of both couples and females as well as men.
Kat’s background as a professional racing driver and her current work as a driver coach also brings a different element to driving tours. She and her team of driving experts are passionate about helping drivers to develop and get more enjoyment and pleasure from their driving. Each tour has the opportunity for you to grow your skill set and knowledge in a fun, fascinating way.



The team at Veloce Driving unite their love for high performance driving and skill in coaching so that clients can share in their passion. If you want to learn from the best AND have a once-in-a-lifetime driving holiday, contact Veloce Driving now to turn your dreams into reality.

Kat Impey

Owner & Managing Director

Richard Bott

Managing Director


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