A Better Driver

I have had several driving sessions with Kat as a driving coach / tutor.

Kat does not deliver rigid pre-planned sessions. Instead she has always quickly grasped what I am looking for from a session, e.g improved car control or enhanced cornering technique, and expertly tailored activities to match.

She is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate that knowledge in a clear and pragmatic way.

At the start of each session she spent a short time to gain an overview of my driving style and ability and then built on that using a combination of theory and practice, with a strong emphasis on practical application.

Kat refines existing skills and teaches new skills.  Strongly client focussed, she is patient, instils confidence, ensure the session delivers what the client wants and importantly, makes everything great fun.

Kat has made me a better driver and I would strongly recommend Kat to anyone who wants to improve their driving skills.

I’m not going alter anything anyone says, I’ll just leave it as they’ve put it. Good or bad, haha!


Robert Raymond