Lapland Ice Driving - 2024

15th- 19th January

Bespoke Driving Tours

An experience like no other

Imagine holding a Porsche 992 GT3 in a long, graceful drift at over 100mph, or power-sliding a Ferrari 488GTB in 4th gear for the majority of the circuit. Would you love to really master the art of driving on the limit at speed? Experience it, develop the skills and become an even more complete driver by the end of it?
We are frequently asked as driving specialists where people can go and learn the art of car control at high speeds.
Well, the answer is there aren’t many places at all BUT – We’ve put together a package and can now make all of that a reality on our all inclusive, high performance Lapland Ice Driving experience.
Using the biggest Ice driving centre in the world, you can drive for over 150 miles per day, sideways across a frozen lake, at up to 140 mph, on 5 different, full-size F1 track layouts as well as numerous specialist drifting tracks. 
Hiring cars like Porsche GT3, BMW M4 and Ferrari 488 GTB to name a few, drifting mastery is guaranteed as you learn, develop and practice your high speed car control in a safe, controlled environment.
We are partnering with Lapland Ice Driving to bring you the ultimate driving experience, complete with luxury Lapland accommodation and hospitality, as well as skidoo and Huskey sleigh rides! That’s not even all the activities on offer!
This is perfect for groups and couples. The driving is the focus but the entire experience is truly magical and something you will never forget. 
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Some Key features – 
  • Biggest driving centre in the world
  • 150 miles per day on a frozen lake
  • Up to 140 MPH
  • 5 F1 full-scale track layouts 
  • Numerous specialist drifting areas
  • Guaranteed drifting mastery
  • Fully inclusive package
  • Lapland hospitality
  • Skidoo expedition
  • Huskey sleigh ride
  • Amazing accommodation 

Price on Acquisition

Once Booked – You will receive a brochure in the post via email.

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5 F1 full scale track layouts

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 17.25.17

150 miles per day on a frozen lake

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Biggest driving centre in the world

Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 17.25.51

Fully inclusive package

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Guaranteed drifting mastery

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Up to 140 MPH