ONE TO ONE- Veloce High Performance Driver Coaching

Veloce High Performance Driver Coaching offers courses that focus on the driver, rather than the car, as the key to achieving better driving performance.
The courses aim to help drivers become faster, safer, and more confident on the road or on the track by investing in themselves.

The courses cover three main areas: mental, physical, and technical. Mentally, Veloce High Performance helps drivers tailor their driving style to their individual requirements.

Physically, the courses cover the rate and timing of controls, the use of vision, and other physical elements of driving. Technically, the courses help drivers understand vehicle behaviour and how they influence it.

Veloce High Performance courses are held at the world-class facilities of UTAC Millbrook and are conducted on a one-to-one basis.
The courses aim to build a strong foundation of knowledge and technique in a controlled environment, so that drivers can repeat exercises and apply what they learn to any car or driving situation.

After your UTAC Millbrook day, there are then three options



Taking what we have learned at UTAC Millbrook, we now add advanced road craft to give a more complete drive. Keeping the car happy and balanced, but also interacting effectively with the ever changing and complex environment of the open road. Driving well on the road is a real art and a valuable life skill


£1500 + VAT (Plus track day fee)

Whether you are taking your first steps on track or you’re a seasoned track day goer, with the foundations from UTAC Millbrook fresh in mind, we can help you be faster and safer on track. Using a blend of instruction and pure coaching, we can help you to unlock performance, safely and consistently



£1935 + VAT (Plus track day fee)
The ultimate high performance driver is at home in any driving environment.
They understand the performance requirements of each and applies them with intelligence and grace.
Our ultimate High Performance Course helps you to be that ultimate driver.
Following on from UTAC Millbrook, we will coach you in advanced road craft and then join you on a track day to explore your driving in a faster paced environment. 
If you would like to know more or talk through our courses and options, please contact us and we can arrange a convenient time to call


The team at Veloce Driving unite their love for high performance driving and skill in coaching so that clients can share in their passion. If you want to learn from the best AND have a once-in-a-lifetime driving holiday, contact Veloce Driving now to turn your dreams into reality.

Kat Impey

Owner & Managing Director

Richard Bott

Managing Director